Teaching, Softball, and Starbucks

I am not feeling particularly inspired at the moment to write.  Perhaps God is working on my humility because I was pretty proud of my last post.  Anyway, here are a few things I have been thinking about lately.

  • Tonight is the last night of a three week class I have been teaching at the South MacArthur Church of Christ in Irving on Wednesdays.  I have been teaching through some ideas I read in N.T. Wright’s work called Surprised by Hope.  It has been a lot of fun to prepare and teach.  I haven’t gotten to do that in a while, you know, with a white board and everything.  I even think those in my class are hearing and receiving a thing or two.  I am thankful for the opportunity.
  • I am getting ready for another conversation with the church planting resource organization on Friday.  This time it will be both Amy and I with a majority of our assessors.  I am optimistic and hopeful of what might come out of this.  If this conversation ends up being similar to my last one, we should be pretty close to taking some short term steps forward in our future ministry plans.
  • I decided to get my softball team going again this summer.  We got in on a great deal in Grand Prairie.  We get a 12 game season for less than what Arlington is asking for 8 games.  I am really looking forward to playing with this group of guys.  Many of them are Amy’s cousins.  They are good players and fun to be around.  I hope my back holds up through the summer.  It is time to play ball.
  • I am writing this post at my Starbucks.  I am really thankful for the friendships I have been able to develop the year and a half or so I have been coming here.  The employees are fun people and take good care of me.  I often joke that I have become the chaplain of this Starbucks.  I think this store can teach us a thing or two about hospitality.  It has been a great place for me to office from. 
  • I need to pray more. 

About micahlewis

I am a follower of Jesus, servant of the church, husband to a wonderful wife, and father to 2 fantastic children.
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2 Responses to Teaching, Softball, and Starbucks

  1. John O. says:

    Your email said this wasn’t profound, then I read about eschatology, spiritual discernment, friendship evangelism, and missional hospitality. You’re a good egg, Micah Lewis.

    Speaking of N.T. Wright. Here’s a funny story for you… My friend David Beller and I got to eat lunch with him twice. For two years he came through Dallas on a tour promoting Oxford’s Summer Studies Program (for 8 gazillion dollars you, yes you, can go to Oxford for three weeks and listen to lectures by luminaries like Tom Wright.) Anyway, Beller and I went to hear him at the Doubletree with about 10 Episcopal clergy and both times we waited around at the lunch break to see if anyone asked him to lunch, and both times no one did. The first year, we had a great conversation about his work, Christianity in the UK, Christianity in the U.S. He’s just a super nice guy, in a semi-formal Oxford kind of way. At some point in the conversation, I asked him who his mentors were. “Well,” he answered, “I suppose George Caird and Charlie Moule.” Charlie Moule! I thought to myself in awe. I only knew him as C.F.D. Moule. Charlie Moule! Well, lunch was over and we went back for the rest of the meeting.

    Next year, same hotel, same group of liberal Episcopals who have no idea what they would talk about with this evangelical bishop from their mother church, so we score another lunch with Tom. It’s me and Beller again. We’re at the same table, in the same restaurant, in the same hotel, one year later, but it seems like yesterday we were there the first time. We can’t resist pointing out to him this amazing instance of repetition. He has no idea what we’re talking about. We get past the minor awkwardness of this, and we have a great conversation about Biblical texts and theology and what have you. He’s still such a super nice guy, in a semi-formal Oxford kind of way, it’s just almost hypnotic listening to him talk, I really don’t know what happened to me, but somehow it was just like deja vu or whatever all over again, and, I still can’t believe it…I asked him who his mentors were. The spell was broken. For the first time I noticed the exit sign just behind the Very Right Reverend Professor Dr. Nicholas Thomas Wright, I saw Beller’s mouth open in utter stupefaction, and in that same instant I saw Tom’s eyelids narrow ever so slightly with a glint of recognition that clearly stated, “oh yeah, I remember you, the mentors guy.” The moment of scandal passed, N.T. stirred his tea, answered the question (George Caird and Charlie Moule, big deal) and lunch was about over.

    • micahlewis says:

      Thanks John. I guess if you look at this post that way then you forgot to mention dependent prayer. That is a good story.

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