Building a Support Team

Last week Amy and I began intentionally working to bring together a support team for my church planting residency with Storyline.  We believe that God is working ahead of us to build a team of churches and families who will support us in any of the following ways:

  1. Join our prayer team—Commit to praying for our family regularly during this residency and on into our next church planting.
  2. Support us financially—Commit to giving to our ministry on a monthly basis or simply as a special gift
  3. Consider participating in our future vision for church planting as it develops over this church planting residency

My first steps have been to send a proposal to the Missions Team at my home church as well as to send out some letters to let people know how God is leading our family and of the task laid before us.  I have been counseled to make this process of raising a support team as personal as possible.  So my plan is to send out several letters at a time and follow up with phone calls and if possible a face-to-face meeting where I can sit down and explain in detail what our needs are.  I have already had several phone conversations and meetings this week and believe it or not, it has kind of been fun.

Like I said earlier, we believe God is going to provide all we need for this church planting residency and that he has already deteremined who is going to be supporting us.  So if I you are wondering if you might be one of those people, I encourage you to pray about that and try and hear from the Lord.  If you sense that you are one of those people God has called for us, then please let me know and Praise God!  And if you are not one of those people, then Praise God!  I know he will be faithful to our family.  Please pray for us in this season of support raising.


About micahlewis

I am a follower of Jesus, servant of the church, husband to a wonderful wife, and father to 2 fantastic children.
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