CO2 (church of two)

Much of the listening to God that I have been doing lately has been through some guidelines that are called CO2 or Church of Two.  The idea is that you listen together with another person on a heart level as you listen to God and let him speak to your heart.  I have been mentored in this discipline by my good friend and fellow Mission Alive church planter Hobby Chapin.  Hobby has been practicing this listening for a while now and has found it to be very helpful in discipleship and transforming people to live missionally.  I have found this practice to be the most exciting spiritual practice I have ever done.  I don’t even think of it as a practice but simply as pouring myself into a relationship with God.

I have started a CO2 with a good friend that I work with at Starbucks.  We check in almost everyday, sharing the state of our hearts and talking about how we have been hearing from God.  It is really exciting to see how God has been at work in both of us as we listen to him.  If you are interested in learning more about the details of this practice, Hobby has started a blog that unpacks some more of the details of CO2.  Check it out.


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I am a follower of Jesus, servant of the church, husband to a wonderful wife, and father to 2 fantastic children.
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2 Responses to CO2 (church of two)

  1. Hobby says:

    Thanks for the promotion of my blog Micah. I want to second what Micah is saying here. This is the most exciting pair of disciplines I have ever engaged. It is not because it is so cool or dynamic in and of itself. It seems to facilitate a conversation of God like I have never experienced. I am attentive to his presence like never before. As a result, I find myself constantly amazed at God and honored by God and hungry for more. I would encourage you to follow up with Micah and ask Him to share more, maybe he will have time to equip you in these life-giving disciplines.

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