Church Planting In Wichita

The last time you heard from me was in late August and I was waiting for all the dominoes to fall in place. It appears that finally the hand is coming to an end and I am pretty excited!

In September, we got and accepted and invitation to plant churches in Wichita, Kansas. God has been at work in the Riverwalk Church of Christ in Wichita moving them toward church planting for some time. They contacted Mission Alive, who helped facilitate our connection, and we all are excited about planting churches in the downtown Wichita area. Check out this page for more info about this church planting project

I officially began working with Riverwalk on our church planting project in mid October as we began working on our transition to Wichita. My main task was to begin fundraising for the remainder of our financial needs. Fundraising is one of those things that most people don’t like very much. It is awkward to ask people for money and it is awkward to be asked for money. However, I have found that when you find something that you really believe in and is really worth while, it is not that difficult to make the ask. I believe in planting churches and what God is calling us to do in Wichita. During this month, I have contacted seven churches and many individuals about my proposal for church planting. A couple of individuals have committed to support us and we have friends at a couple of churches advocating for us. I’ve also been working on an application for the Mission Alive harvest fund. We are still praying and trusting God to provide.

Another important part of our plan for church planting is recruiting another family to join us as co-workers in this ministry. Some of our good friends in ministry have been thinking and praying about this for quite some time. Their next step was to participate in a Mission Alive Discovery Lab that assesses potential church planters. They completed that assessment this month and received a recommendation to join us to plant church in Wichita. We were able to spend the evening with them after the lab to process the weekend and dream about how God might use us together in this project. Amy and I anticipate these details being worked out soon so they can join us in Wichita as soon as possible.

We have also had some significant events play out in our transition to Kansas. First, we accepted an offer to sell our house in early November – PRAISE GOD! We are scheduled to close on December 10th. We are busy packing and getting the needed repairs required to get this all wrapped up. Second, we also have a contract to buy a house in Wichita! Amy and I drove up to Wichita and found a house that we both feel will be a great house to raise our family and for ministry. We should close on the new house or before December 17th. The third piece of our transition is my transfer with Starbucks to a store in Wichita. I have found a store ready there to take me on. We are just waiting for the paperwork to get pushed through. I anticipate that happening in the next week. I should start in Wichita the week of December 6th.

I have definitely been learning about waiting on the Lord in this whole transition. It seems that every deadline I gave God to get something done, he has been missed. It took three months longer to receive a word from God to continuing our path into church planting than I wanted. It took about three weeks longer for God to provide us with a paycheck than I thought we needed. It took a week longer to sell our house than I thought we needed. Despite all of this, it appears that everything is still going to work out. Perhaps God knows a little better when things need to get done than I do. Thank you, God, for leading us and providing for us. GOD IS GOOD!


About micahlewis

I am a follower of Jesus, servant of the church, husband to a wonderful wife, and father to 2 fantastic children.
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2 Responses to Church Planting In Wichita

  1. jessica guerrero says:

    I am so happy for you guys! Yes, God is good! He always answers our prayers. Sometimes he responds quick, and sometimes he takes a while to put everything in order. You just have to have a lot of faith and patience.

  2. I praise God who has been working in your lives. We are praying for you.

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