River City Christian Community!

Being new residents to Wichita, we have gotten very used to a conversation that goes something like this:

Us: we just moved to Wichita

Them: Where did you move from?

Us: The Dallas area

Them: What brought you to Wichita?

Us: We came to help start a new church?

Them: What church?

And for the longest time we had to tell people that the church does not have a name yet.  But that day is no longer.  We are now excited to introduce the River City Christian Community!

We spent a lot time thinking, praying, and talking about a name.  We chose River City Christian Community because it represents what we want our church to primarily be about, which is following Jesus by trusting God and living on mission together.  Including “Christian” connects with our desire to live out a trusting relationship with the God revealed to us by Jesus Christ.  We chose “River City” because it connects us to our mission, the city of Wichita.  “Community” connects with our value of living life and mission together in Christ.  River City Christian Community, trusting God and living on mission together.

There are few other reason we like our name.  For one, we have gotten a lot of positive feedback from our disconnected friends.  While choosing a name, we felt like it was not going to do a lot to attract other people to us.  But it could drive people away, so we mainly wanted to choose something that did not make people cringe.  I think we have.  Another reason is that River City in some ways keeps us connected to our sponsoring church, the Riverwalk Church of Christ.  We value their partnership and support in this mission.  And finally, rivers and cities have some rich biblical imagery associated with them.  I’m especially mindful of the city written about in Revelation 22 with a river flowing from the throne of God filled with the water of life.  Next to it is the tree of life whose leaves are for the healing of the nations.  I hope our River City will point forward to that one.

So there it is…River City Christian Community!  Keep praying for us that we may live into the best of that name as we follow Jesus.


About micahlewis

I am a follower of Jesus, servant of the church, husband to a wonderful wife, and father to 2 fantastic children.
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2 Responses to River City Christian Community!

  1. May God continue to bless you in taking these intentional steps!!

  2. Jay Plank says:

    Church planters all, Pat and I rejoice with you as you continue the journey. We are excited that folks are hearing about (and seeing in action) God’s love and compassion for them.

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