The Kingom of God is like a Good Party

I suspect that Jesus enjoyed a good party.  We know he had a reputation of of hanging out with the sinners.  At the request of his mother, he intervened to solve a problem at a wedding party by turning water into wine.  And we also have examples of Jesus comparing the Kingdom of God to a great banquet/party.  However, I do not think that Jesus enjoyed parties simply because of his personality.  I think he realized that there is something about a good party that points forward to God’s hope and plan for people and all of creation.

For this reason, we want River City to be a community that knows how to enjoy and throw a good party as a way of representing the goodness of the Kingdom of God that we hope for.  So, Last month we threw a couple of parties.  Now, I need to say that when River City throws a party, at least at this point, it is simply that the Lewises or the Motts or whoever is part of our community has thrown a party.  We don’t have to put a River City label on it or organize it somehow around a church theme.  It is a River City party because some part of the River City Community is part of it.

The Lewises hosted the first party.  It was a Christmas party in which we invited the new friends we had made in Wichita over the past year.  We had around 18 adults and 7 children who came to party with us.  It was a great evening of fun and sharing.  We gave our friends the opportunity to contribute to the party by bringing something to eat and everyone brought an inexpensive gift to share.  We played some great games and had a great time.  It was really fun bringing together our friends and some of the Motts new friends to enjoy a fun evening together.

The Motts hosted a different kind of party a couple days later.  They opened their home for a come and go open house for our neighbors.  (If you don’t know, we live about 3 house down from the Motts)  After the first thirty minutes we were wondering if this was a really good idea since no one had showed up yet.  But shortly after that the Mott’s home was full of adults and children from seven or eight houses in the neighborhood.  It turned out to be a really good way to get to know our neighbors.  Everyone was interested to know who was living around them.  One of our neighbors even brought some information on the history of our neighborhood all the way back into the 1920s.  It gave us a good opportunity to share about our church planting mission in Wichita.  One of our neighbors was really curious and I was able to have a lengthly conversation with her about River City and church planting.  She and her daughter have begun participating with River City and plan to make our weekly communion gatherings a regular practice.

We came away from these experiences excited about how God was at work in our parties and we are thinking and praying about how we can bring our friends and neighbors together to party again.

In other miscellaneous news:

  • We are working on our final task list for River City to become incorporated and receive our 501(c)(3) status.  We hope to be finished with these task this month and simply be waiting on the State of Kansas and the IRS for approval.

Thanks for keeping up with us.  Party on!


About micahlewis

I am a follower of Jesus, servant of the church, husband to a wonderful wife, and father to 2 fantastic children.
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2 Responses to The Kingom of God is like a Good Party

  1. Jay Plank says:

    Go with God, guys!! Thanks fur the update.

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