A Parable

There once was a wealthy, respected, and powerful man who fell in love with a beautiful woman.  Because of his love, the man devoted himself to her and soon she fell in love with him and they were married.  They moved into a small house and started a family.

After some time, the man discovered the perfect land to settle down with his wife and raise their children.  The man began making preparations to move his wife to the new land.  In order to prepare the land, the man would have to leave his wife for a time to build a house. 

So the man hired two servants.  One servant would watch over and protect the family while the man was away.  The other would be there to help the wife around the house and look after the children as they waited for their new home to be built.  Though the family for the most part needed to be stay behind, the man asked his wife to visit often to see the progress he was making, to help with planning, and join him in the work on their new home. 

In the beginning everything went according to plan.  The man made great progress on the new home.  The first servant faithfully watched over and protected the woman.  The second servant was a wonderful helper and encourager to the woman.  And the woman often went to visit her husband and check on the progress and join in the work of her new home. 

But as time went on, things began to unravel.  The first servant became concerned with increased dangers and began discouraging the woman from traveling to see her new home.  He even began to take pride in how well he kept the woman confined to the old house.  The second servant enjoyed the time she spent helping the woman so much that she became jealous of the husband and sought for the family’s sole attention.  Therefore, the woman became afraid of the outside world and turned her attention away from her husband becoming content with the friendship of her servants.  The visits to her husband became fewer and fewer until they stopped all together.

Noticing that his wife no longer came to visit and longing for her company, he decided to return to the old home to see what had happened.  Upon returning he discovered how the first servant had confined his wife to the house and discouraged her from visiting him.  He also discovered the jealously of the second servant and how she sought to keep his family from him.  The man was angry with his two servants for their unfaithfulness, so he dismissed them from their duties.

The man also discovered how his wife no longer loved him and he was sad.  But because of his love for her, he devoted himself to her once again.  He took her back to see the new home that he had prepared and she once again remembered the love she had for him.

Whoever has ears, let them hear.

About micahlewis

I am a follower of Jesus, servant of the church, husband to a wonderful wife, and father to 2 fantastic children.
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3 Responses to A Parable

  1. Dave says:

    Wow, Micah. That is awesome.

    From Dave’s IPad

  2. James Starke says:

    Pray everything is going well with Rivercity. Used your mission work as an example in my class on Grace using the book of Romans last Sunday. Our hope is that you are reaching people who might not be accepting of our worship or fellowship setting at River Walk. Most of my class is older but they are praying for you and looking to you as an early example of the Church using as you do your contact in the world of work to share the Gospel.

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